Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu
Sukob kao društveno-politički pojam

Doc. dr. sc. Ymer Ismaili:

The conflict of 2001 in the Republic of Macedonia between Albanian uprisers of the NLA (National Liberation Army) and the Macedonian police and army contains all proportions of theoretical and scientific interpretation with respect to political juridical terminology, verified scientific terms for similar usage in objective circumstances. Confusion in the interpretation of the 2001 conflict also derives from disrespect for political juridical terminology and objective reality of subjective events. This confusion ocurs in scientific surroundings in Macedonia and as such continues to "function" within mass communication as well. This paper aims to provide a more real and objective image in the interpretation of the conflict in 2001, by emphasizing disrespect for political termoinoligy by the actors of the 2001 events.

Key words: conflict (violent - non-violent); conflict as a process; political system; war; crisis; violence; ethnic conflict; extremism; uprising.