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Mission Statement

Mission of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law is to advance graduate and post-graduate education and legal research in field of European Law, to develop European and regional academic networking, to create professional opportunities for legal academics and to promote academic reflection of European Law and European values in order to facilitate integration of Croatia with the European Union.


 About the Jean Monnet Project

The Jean Monnet Action "Understanding European Integration" is a European Commission information project, undertaken at the request of the universities, whose aim is to facilitate the introduction of European integration studies in universities by means ofstart-up subsidies. The term European integration studies is taken to mean the construction of the European Community and its related institutional, legal, political, economic and social developments.


Jean Monnet Courses at the Faculty of Law

Jean Monnet courses are offered at 2nd and 5th year of law degree studies. The courses are offered to Erasmus students.


There is one general EU law course at the second year that is offered in summer semester.

Elective courses are offered at the fifth year.

Visiting students can choose among the following Jean Monnet Courses:

  • Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU (Rodin - AMES) - 5 ECTS
  • Judicial Process in the European Union (Ćapeta - AMES) - 5 ECTS
  • Internal Market of the EU (Goldner Lang / Perišin - AMES) - 5 ECTS
  • European Union and World Trade Organisation (Perišin 5 god.) - 4 ECTS
  • Regulatory Method in the EU (Ćapeta / Rodin 5 god) - 4 ECTS
  • Moot Court Competition (katedra za EJP 5. god) - 10 ECTS
  • Advanced Issues of European Law (Dubrovnik - seminar) - 4 ECTS
  • Master thesis supervision (katedra za EJP 5. god.) - 30 ECTS

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Where we are?

Our real-world offices are located in Zagreb, Ćirilometodska street 4, at 2nd floor. Appointments have to be announced by e-mail.



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