Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu
Univerzalizacija Konvencije za zabranu protupješačkih mina: temelji, trenutno stanje i budućnost

Mr. sc. Toma Galli:

The basic goal of this Article is to determine the legal grounds, describe the current situation and try to establish the future of universalization of the Mine Ban Convention. First we set out to briefly explain the concept of universalization of a treaty in general and describe possible basic methods of its implementation. This is followed by the analysis of the text of the Convention, the final reports of the annual meetings of states parties and, more specifically, the final report of the First Review Conference. In the section on the spread of the Ottawa Convention, we described its rapid entry into force and its unprecedented and far-reaching spread. In the closing section we present the methods available for further universalization of the Mine Ban Convention, attempting to foresee its future course.

Key words: Mine Ban Convention (Ottawa Convention) universalization; anti-personnel mines; international customary and treaty law; International Campaign to Ban Landmines(ICBL); non-state actors