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Chair of Foreign Languages
German Language for Public Administration
Study: Public administration - 2. semester
Code: 111495
ECTS: 3.0
Course coordinators: doc. dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić
Exam dates:
  • 26. 08. 2024.
  • 09. 09. 2024.
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Basic data
German Language for Public Administration Public administration - 2. semester
3.0 111495
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
doc. dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić

According to an individual appointment

Gundulićeva 10, room 2A
REQUIRED: Irena Horvatić Čajko; Njemački kao jezik struke za javnu upravu; skripta, str
RECOMMENDED: Norbert Wimmer; Dynamische Verwaltungslehre, 4., neu bearbeitete Auflage; Springer-Verlag, Wien (2017), str. 419
The aim of the course is to encourage students to rely on their previously acquired knowledge about public administration and German language and to take comparative approach to systems of public administration in German speaking countries, to research into and to report about issues of private public partnership, about functioning of e-administration in practice and to analyse selected provisions of European administrative law.

Students are expected to show productive skills in summing up key information from authentic sources in oral and written form.
One of the tasks is also translation of a given text in order to evaluate the ability to compare terminology and legal regulations in the system of public administration in Croatia and Germany.
Exam dates
26. 08. 2024.
09. 09. 2024.