Introduction to Psychology - seminar
Chair of Psychology
Introduction to Psychology - seminar
Study: Social Work - 1. semester
Code: 31832
ECTS: 5.0
Course coordinators: izv. prof. dr. sc. Ana Tokić Milaković
Lecturers: doc. dr. sc. Koraljka Modić Stanke - Seminar
Exam dates:
  • 11. 09. 2023.
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Basic data
Introduction to Psychology - seminar Social Work - 1. semester
5.0 31832
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
izv. prof. dr. sc. Ana Tokić Milaković

by appointment via e-mail

Nazorova 51, room 2A
Lecturer Consultations Location
doc. dr. sc. Koraljka Modić Stanke (Seminar) Nazorova 51, room 2A
Course Description
Course objectives are: (1) extending the knowledge in the field of general and developmental psychology acquired within the course "Introduction to Psychology", (2) independent work on a selected topic within the thematic framework of the course "Introduction to Psychology", supervised by the teacher, and (3) work on presentation skills and the group discussion skills.

Course content:
Contemporary psychology: scientific and applied psychology. Biological foundations of behaviour. Sensation and perception. Learning and memory. Emotions and motivation. Developmental psychology. Biological and physical development. Perception, cognition and language development. Emotional and social development. Deviations from typical development. Personality psychology. Psychopathology and psychotherapy.
Exam dates
11. 09. 2023.