Practical Work in Social Gerontology
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Practical Work in Social Gerontology
Study: Social Work - 6. semester
Code: 62102
ECTS: 1.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Ana Štambuk
prof. dr. sc. Silvia Rusac
Basic data
Practical Work in Social Gerontology Social Work - 6. semester
1.0 62102
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Ana Štambuk Nazorova 51, room 17/I
prof. dr. sc. Silvia Rusac Nazorova 51, room 17
Vid Pečjak; Psihologija treće životne dobi; Prosvjeta (2001), str
Berk, L.; Psihologija cjeloživotnog razvoja.; Naklada Slap (2008), str. 546-616
Field practice takes place over 30 hours during the summer semester.
It begins with an orientation meeting during which students have the opportunity to get acquainted with leaders and / or employees from various non-profit associations or social welfare institutions in charge of coordinating practice, and the work of institutions and associations within which field practice is organized. It is carried out in institutions for the elderly and infirm or as part of a program for the elderly of civil society organizations according to a specially prepared program. Students participate in direct work with users or in accomplishing other tasks provided by the program. In this context, students have the opportunity to get to know different forms of work of the institution / program, users, their needs, the type of services provided by the institution and the professional profile of professionals working in it.
On individual contacts, processes and experiences arising from practice, students consult field mentors - social workers employed in institutions or civil society organizations in which field practice is performed or an employee of the Faculty - head of practice.
The closing meetings are followed by a written and oral evaluation of all participants in the field practice. During the field practice, students perform pre-defined work assignments and need to prepare an appropriate report. Field practice is mandatory for full-time and part-time students.
Exam dates