Social Gerontology - seminar
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Social Gerontology - seminar
Study: Social Work - 6. semester
Code: 36686
ECTS: 4.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Ana Štambuk
prof. dr. sc. Silvia Rusac
Exam dates:
  • 12. 06. 2023.
  • 26. 06. 2023.
  • 11. 09. 2023.
Exam registration: Studomat
Basic data
Social Gerontology - seminar Social Work - 6. semester
4.0 36686
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Ana Štambuk Nazorova 51, room 17/I
prof. dr. sc. Silvia Rusac Nazorova 51, room 17
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Concept, subject and methods in gerontology; Basic principles of social gerontology; Theory of aging; Individual aging and population aging; Socio-economic causes of population aging; Physiological and pathological aging; Social status of elderly; Possibilities and the need of defining social status of elderly; Impact of social changes to status of elderly in urban and rural areas; Functional and somatic changes in the old age; Psychological changes in the old age; Medical needs and medical pathology of elderly; Dependence of elderly on supporters ? institutionalization and homefinding; Widowhood and adaptation issue of aging men and women; Geroprofilaxis; Geriatric climatherapy and balneotherapy
Exam dates
12. 06. 2023.
26. 06. 2023.
11. 09. 2023.
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