2016-12-19 at 10:59
Edited: 2016-12-19 at 11:00
Zagreb Law presents at "Roundtable Conference on Cybercrime in Transnational Society", Sungkyungkwan University, Seoul

In the period between 6th and 12th of December 2016, a delegation of the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, visited one of the top universities in South Korea - Sungyungkwan University in Seoul. Within the scope of this visit, the members of the delegation, Assist. Prof. Hrvoje Lisičar (Chair of Legal Informatics), Assist. Prof. Maja Munivrana Vajda (Chair of Criminal Law), Assist. Prof. Marko Jurić (Chair of Legal Informatics) and Assist. Prof. Aleksandar Maršavelski (Chair of Criminal Law) participated in a "Roundtable Conference on Cybercrime in Transnational Society", which took place at the Law School of the Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, 8-9 December 2016). Our faculty members presented and discussed on various topics related to cybercrime with leading Korean academics, such as seizuring and search for digital evidence in cybercrime, implementation of the Cybercrime Convention, standard principles of artificial intelligence society, procedural powers pursuant to the Cybercrime Convention, online hate speech, challenges in regulating cybersecurity, cyberterror and cyberwarfare.

Andrea Ohnishi
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