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Opening of the symposium 2nd Croatia - Turkey Jurists ' Days will take place on Wednesday 2 April 2014 at 12 o'clock , at the Law Faculty University of Zagreb, 14 Marshal Tito Square. Scientific Conference 2nd Croatia - Turkey Jurists ' Days will be held from 2 to 5 April in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

The conference is a continuation of cooperation between the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and Faculty of Law of University of Istanbul, the leading higher education institutions in the field of law in Croatia and Turkey, which began last year, maintaining the initial symposium in Istanbul. It is the both partners' goal to make the annual gathering a traditional place of exchange of ideas between the Croatian and Turkish legal experts .
Scientific Conference 2nd Croatia - Turkey Jurists ' Days will start with the opening speeches of the Dean of the Law Faculty , University of Zagreb professor Hrvoje Sikirić; rector of the University of Zagreb professor  Aleksa Bjelis and Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Istanbul prof. Dr. Adam Sözüer.
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in the Republic of Croatia HE Burak Özügergin and Croatian President professor Ivo Josipovic will open the event. The aim of the collaboration between the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and the Faculty of Law, University of Istanbul, and also of the second Croatian - Turkish jurists' days is continuing to develop cooperation in the field of law. Therefore a number of interesting topics from many legal domains - of constitutional and administrative law , human rights and criminal law to civil and commercial law will be discussed at the conference.
Within the program the participants will be familiarized with the legal novelties in Turkey, such as the question of freedom of access to information and the reform of the constitutional and criminal law, with focus on corruption offenses , and will discuss topics from the field of civil and commercial law; for example the issue of construction contracts in Turkey and the new regulation of companies and corporate governance in Turkey.

Since Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and is bonded with Croatia with traditional and significant business relations, our country with its geographical location and historical ties with Turkey can be a bridge between the EU and Turkey. Therefore, in order to achieve mutual cooperation, it is necessary to get to know each other and strengthen ties between the two countries in many areas, including the area of science .

Andrea Ohnishi
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