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Zagreb Law students participate in Price Media Law Moot Court in Oxford, April 9 – 12 2013

Six team members – Ivana Cvitanović, Antonija Ivančan, Filip Kufrin, Kristina Mandić, Dina Salapić and Dora Stulić accompanied by their coaches Branka Marušić, mag. iur. and Iva Kuštrak, dipl. iur. – represented University of Zagreb Faculty of Law at the 6th annual International Rounds of the Price Media Law Moot Court held this April at the University of Oxford. This was the first year that Zagreb Law Faculty participated at this well-known competition.



Forty teams, representing 27 countries from all over the world, qualified for the International Rounds out of more than 100 teams that competed at the regional rounds held in Delhi (South Asia Rounds), Belgrade (South East Europe Rounds), New York (Americas Rounds) and Doha (Middle East Rounds). Zagreb team won the South East Europe Regional Rounds held last December in Belgrade thus qualifying for the International Rounds in Oxford as the best team from SEE.

This year’s case dealt with freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, right to privacy and journalist’s liability for defamation all in the context of modern media, namely social networks. In the preliminary rounds Zagreb team argued with teams from the Southwestern Law School (USA), Hugh Wooding Law School (Trinidad and Tobago) and Kaplan Law School (UK). Although our team convincingly won two out of three rounds, this was not enough to proceed to the final rounds.

In a close final match National Law University from Delhi (India) won, leaving Regent University School of Law (USA) as the Runner up. The final bench consisted of esteemed judges, among others Justice Andras Sajo of the European Court of Human Rights and Justice Elsie Thompson Nwanwuri of the African Court of Human and People’s Rights.

Next competition 2013-14 Price Media Law Moot Court will be held in 2014 in Oxford and the SEE Regional Rounds in December this year. Upon issuance of the next year’s case and rules, interested students will be duly informed on the Zagreb Law Faculty’s website.

For more information on Price Media Law Moot Court Programme see http://pricemootcourt.socleg.ox.ac.uk/.

Andrea Ohnishi
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