dr. sc. Lea Skokandić
dr. sc.
Lea Skokandić

She graduated from the Centre for Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb in 2007 with majors in psychology. In 2005 she has  gained the University of Zagreb Rector's Award. She has finished Postgraduate doctoral study of psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Zagreb in 2018. 

She has been employed at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law since 2009. She works as teaching assistant at the Chair of the Methodology of research in Social Work and Social Policy. She was involved in two international research projects as a research team member at national level: European Values Study & FP7 Project: Balkan Epidemiological Study on Child Abuse & Neglect, and several domestic projects, such as Family economic hardship, psychosocial problems and educational outcomes of adolescents in the time of economic crisis (IP-2014-09-8546).

She has presented at several professional and scientific conferences in Croatia and abroad and published eight scientific papers.

Her current research interest focuses on issues related to application of the qualitative and quantitative research methodology in the field of social work and social policy.



Employed since: 2009


Public phone number:
4895 865
Nazorova 51, soba 16C
Methodology of Research in Social Work and Social Polici
Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

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