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Chair of Foreign Languages
English for Law II
Study: Law - 2. semester
Code: 20642
ECTS: 2.0
Course coordinators: doc. dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić
doc. dr. sc. Snježana Husinec
dr. sc. Marijana Javornik-Čubrić , v. pred.
Miljen Matijašević , v. pred.
Agnes Milovan-Solter , pred.
Exam dates:
  • 24. 06. 2024.
  • 08. 07. 2024.
  • 26. 08. 2024.
  • 09. 09. 2024.
Exam registration: Studomat
Basic data
English for Law II Law - 2. semester
2.0 20642
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
doc. dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić

According to an individual appointment

Gundulićeva 10, room 2A
doc. dr. sc. Snježana Husinec

Tuesdays 13.30 - 14.30


Gundulićeva 10, room soba 2A
dr. sc. Marijana Javornik-Čubrić , v. pred.

Wednesday 11-12

Gundulićeva 10, room 6
Miljen Matijašević , v. pred.

in the exam periods by appointment

Gundulićeva 10, room Gundulićeva 10, soba 6
Agnes Milovan-Solter , pred. Gundulićeva 10, room br. 6
REQUIRED: L. Sočanac, M. Matijašević, M. Javornik-Čubrić, I. Horvatić-Bilić, S. Husinec; English for the Legal Profession, 2nd revised edition; Narodne novine (2019), str. 49-123
RECOMMENDED: Milica Gačić; Englesko-hrvatski rječnik prava i međunarodnih i poslovnih odnosa; Školska knjiga (2010), str
RECOMMENDED: M. Hewings; Advanced Grammar in Use; Cambridge University Press (2004), str
The course English for Law II provides an outline to the British and American legal and political systems.
Introductory topic deals with the history of English law and its characteristics. Within the course the hierarchy of English courts and the doctrine of precedent are analyzed. The structure of Parliament of the UK, parliamentary elections and legislative procedure are discussed. Training and practice of solicitors and barristers in England and Wales are analyzed in comparison with the Croatian system. American federalism and the origins of the US Constitution are explained. Within the unit on the executive branch in the USA powers of the President of the USA are discussed, as well as the impeachment procedure. The last unit deals with the functions and structure of the Supreme Court of the USA and analyzes one of the most famous precedents, MIranda v Arizona and its influence.
Each unit is divided in two parts, whereby the first part provides an introduction to a topic, while other texts within the unit are extracts from the original legal texts so that the students can learn legal terms typical for particular topics and get acquainted with different text styles (parts of laws, constitutions, judgments etc.). Special emphasis is placed on legal terminology and communication skills.
Exam dates
24. 06. 2024.
08. 07. 2024.
26. 08. 2024.
09. 09. 2024.