Seminar is highly participative form of teaching with a goal of deepening and broadening student's knowledge gained in the lectures. Thus the number of the participants in seminar is usually smaller then the one in lectures, and interaction in the class is strongly encouraged.
Topics that are discussed in the seminar groups are selected on the basis of its great practical significance in the field of air, road, rail and maritime law, as well as the law of internal navigation and transportation insurance law.
Attending lectures regularly is highly advisable for the participants of the seminar, especially having in mind that without the knowledge gained during the lectures it becomes extremely difficult to participate actively in the seminar and therefore meet its obligations.
Participants of the seminar are allowed to take the exam by taking the partial-exams. Acquired knowledge is given in the lectures prior to the exam. If one passes all partial-exams, the oral examination is consisted only of two parts: tort liability for damages and marine insurance. This method of passing the exam is allowed only to those students who will be able to fulfill their 4th year obligations until the end of the summer semester.
Seminar teaching is in its nature an interactive teaching, based on the method of active learning with a help of specific materials, where the organizer of the seminar is mainly the coordinator of student's independent work. Students are encouraged to do mini-research work themselves and develop creative and critical thinking on emerging problems in legislation and practice.
It specifically aims to encourage:
  •  Logical and analytical thinking
  • Creation and arguing personal standpoints
  • Group work; division of roles within the group
  • Fulfilling the task successfully in the given time
  • Independent research projects on given topic
  • Using on-line database available at Faculty of Law in Zagreb, its Library, Internet, etc. to collect data and literature
  • Debating skills
  • Writing scientific articles

During the seminar numerous prominent experts from practice shall contribute to the quality of the seminar with their lectures, giving inquiry into different areas of transport law and insurance law.
Participants of the seminar are obliged to submit the written work or to pass colloquium at the end of the seminar. Head of the Department will decide which of these alternative obligations will be mandatory for students.
To fulfill obligations in this seminar and earn ECTS points, participants are obliged to attend at least 3 of 4 seminars. At the end of the seminar the Department organizes anonymous “evaluation of the seminar” questionnaire, whose content is afterwards published on the website of the Department.