Department of Maritime and Transport Law

From its foundation, the Department of Maritime and Transport Law seeks to be a focal point for Maritime and Transport law research, as well as a facilitator of cooperation between academics and practitioners.


As a compulsory fourth year course (VIII semester) of the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, the main course on Maritime and Transport Law offers a range of subjects for students wishing to specialize in Shipping law, general Transport law, Marine Insurance law and related matters. It also provides an opportunity to study comprehensively both the private and public law aspects of international Maritime law within the commercial and international trade law setting.


For the students wishing to broaden their knowledge in the above named matters, the Department offers a non-compulsory course - Insurance Law, which is taught in the IX semester.


Members of Department


1. Jasenko Marin, Ph.D., Full Professor with tenure

2. Nikoleta Radionov Karlović, Ph.D., Full Professor with tenure

3. Mišo Mudrić, Ph.D, Associate Professor

4. Iva Savić, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Further information as well as curriculum vitae of the members of the Department can be found by following the links below.


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  • Teaching of the course and the exam

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  • News

Recently, the Department has published a book on European Transport Law. Further news can be obtain at the News section.