Insurance Law
Insurance Law
Study: Commercial Law - 10. semester
Code: 61299
ECTS: 4.0
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Basic data
Insurance Law Commercial Law - 10. semester
4.0 61299
REQUIRED: Pavić, Drago; Ugovorno pravo osiguranja; Tectus (2009), str. 1.-140
REQUIRED: Zakon o obveznim odnosima, Narodne novine 35/05, 41/08, 125/11, 78/15, 29/18, 126/21 (čl. 234, 921.-989.);
REQUIRED: Zakon o osiguranju, Narodne novine 30/15;
REQUIRED: Zakon o obveznim osiguranjima u prometu, Narodne novine 151/05, 36/09, 75/09, 76/13, 152/14;
REQUIRED: Pomorski zakonik, Narodne novine 181/2004, 76/07, 146/08, 61/11, 56/13, 26/15, 17/19 (čl. 684.-747., 981.-982.);
RECOMMENDED: Aržek, Zvonimir; Bendeković, Jadranka; Transport i osiguranje; Mikrorad d.o.o. (2008), str. 328.-368
Insurance, in its broadest sense, plays an important role in everyday life of ordinary citizens and business entities. The modern commercial world and the market of goods and services is incomprehensible absent of quality insurance mechanisms. The long-term development of this legal field, as well as the broad field of everyday activities and needs, has produced a number of highly specialized insurance categories and types of insurance contracts. In practice, most lawyers are likely to encounter the Insurance Law: privately, as a party to a motor vehicle insurance, property insurance and liability insurance contract, as well as professionally, as a representative of a contracting part in a dispute concerning insurance matters. It is, therefore, necessary for each student - future lawyer - to learn and understand the basics of this large and import legal field, in order to ease managing and resolving the specific issues in connection to and terminology of Insurance Law.
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