Arrival Day: Thursday, 14 May


19,30-20,00      Welcome drink, lounge terrace “On the Rocks”


20,00-22,00      Opening dinner,  lounge terrace “On the Rocks”                    



Friday, 15 May


8,30-9,00         Registration


9,00-9,30         Opening session with Welcome Addresses


Zlata Đurđević, President of the Croatian Association of European Criminal Law

Damir Kos, Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia

Darko Klier, State’s Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia

Dražen Tripalo, President of the Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice


9,30                 Session I: Financial investigations - mechanisms to enhance exchange of information and mutual cooperation in asset recovery


Chairperson: Zlata Đurđević, Professor, University of Zagreb


9,30-9,45Debbie Price, Head of the United Kingdom Central Authority International Criminality Unit, Home Office

9,45-10,00: Johan Boucht, Associate Professor, University of Oslo

10,00-10,15Ute Stiegel, Deputy Head of Unit OLAF

10,15-10,30Michele Simonato, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Luxembourg     


10,30-11,00      Coffee break


11,00-12,00      Contributions and comments


Commentators:   Milorad Barašin (Prosecutor’s Office of Bosina and Herzegovina), Gordana Bužarovska (Professor, University of Skopje), Elizabeta Ivičević Karas (Associate Professor, University of Zagreb), Petar Novoselec (Professor, University of Zagreb), Matko Pajčić (Assistant Professor, University of Split), Marijo Rošić (Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs), Dražen Tripalo (Judge, Croatian Supreme Court)


12,00-12,30      Reactions from the Plenary


12,30-14,30      Lunch break, Mediterraneo restaurant


14,30               Session II: Procedural rights of defence – strengthening the rights of suspects in criminal proceedings;


Chairperson: Matko Pajčić, Assistant Professor, University of Split



14,30-14,45Zlata Đurđević, Professor, University of Zagreb

14,45-15,00Katja Šugman Stubbs, Professor, University of Ljubljana

15,00-15,15Silvia Allegrezza, Professor, University of Luxembourg

15,15-15,30Zoran Burić, Assistant Lecturer, University of Zagreb


15,30-16,00      Coffee break


16,00-17,00      Contributions and Comments


Commentators:   Stanko Bejatović, (Professor, University of Kragujevac), Primož Gorkič (Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana), Damir Kos (Judge, Croatian Supreme Court), Lovorka Kušan (Attorney at Law, Zagreb), Celina Novak (Polish Academy of Sciences/Kozminski University)


17,00-17,30      Reactions from the Plenary


19,00               Departure by bus to the Klarisa restaurant for dinner


Saturday, 16 May


09,30               Session III: European institutions (OLAF, EUROJUST, EPPO) – recent developments and outlook into the future


Chairperson:      Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, Associate Professor, University of Zagreb


9,30-11,00: Panel

Peter Csonka, Head of Unit, Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission, Brussels

Nataša Đurović, Croatian State’s Attorney Office

Malči Gabrijelčič, EUROJUST

Katalin Ligeti, Professor, University of Luxembourg

Lorenzo Salazar, Director, Ministry of Justice, Italy

John Vervaele, Professor, University of Utrecht

Marianne Wade, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham


11,00-11,30      Coffee break


11,30-12,15      Panel (continuation)


12,15-12,45      Reactions from the plenary


12,45-13,00      Concluding remarks


13,00 – 13,45   Refreshments