Advanced Issues of EU Law - 2012



10th session

April 23-28, 2012

EU Enlargement: Identities, Values and Market  


Venue: IUC Dubrovnik

 Organizer: Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law


The Seminar is aimed for:

  • undergraduate and graduate students of law
  • doctoral students and researchers
  • junior public servants

A limited number of travel and subsistance grants will be offered to participants presenting a research paper. Deadline for submission of abstracts (500 words) is January 15, 2012. Selected candidates will be invited to submitt the paper in Dubrovnik. Deserving contributions will be published in the Croatian Yearbook of European Law & Policy.

Paper proposals should be sent by e-mail to the following address:



>>>>> Program of the Event can be downloaded here <<<<<



Participating professors:

  • Steven Blockmans (Asser Institute)
  • Monica Claes (Maastricht University)
  • Tamara Ćapeta (University of Zagreb)
  • Marise Cremona (Euroepean University Institute, Florence)
  • Christophe Hillion (Leiden University)
  • Iris Goldner Lang (University of Zagreb)
  • Zdenek Kuhn (Charles University, Praha)
  • Adam Lazowski (University of Westminster, London)
  • Tamara Perišin (University of Zagreb)
  • Don Regan (University of Michigan)
  • Siniša Rodin (University of Zagreb)
  • Eleanor Sharpston (Advocate General, European Court of Justice)
  • Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh)
  • Derrick Wyatt (Oxford University)


Research papers 

  • Pola Cebulak, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Genève, European Constitutional Identity “Inside Out”: Bringing European Jurisdiction under One Roof

  • Marja-Liisa Laatsit, European University Institute Florence, Exporting the EU Single Market acquis - a Foreign Policy Tool in Evolution
  • Urska Sadl and Sigrid Hink, University of Copenhagen, European Citizenship and Identity: a Seamless Web?
  • Tomislav Sokol (co-author), Zagreb School of Economy and Management, Patient Mobility Directive: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back for Cross-Border Health Care, (Ljerka Mintas-Hodak, Ana Abramović, co-authors)
  • Janja Hojnik, University of Maribor, EU Internal Market and National Tradition and Culture: Any Room for Market Decentralisation?
  • Eimys Ortiz-Hernandez, University of Lleida, Spain, Turkey and the Arab Spring: From the Eternal Accession Candidate to a Regional Leader
  • Marloes Spreeuw, University of Westminster, London, Double Standards in the Application of EU Values: Member States versus Potential Candidate and Candidate Countries
  • Paul P. Linden-Retek, Yale Law School and Department of Political Science, Juridified Identities and the Limits of a Transnational Legal Order: Groundwork for a New Europe of Democratic Cosmopolitanism
  • Francisco Javier Mena Parras, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Does EU Harmonisation preclude from Respect for National Identity?
  • Nicole Lazzerini, European University Institute Florence, Protocol No. 30 on the EU Charter, Irish "Legal Guarantees" and the (old) Dilemma of the Protection of Fundamental Rights within the Union: In Varietate Concordia?
  • Florin Coman-Kund, Maastricht University, Assessing the Role of EU Agencies in the Enlargement Process: the Case of EASA
  • Denis Preshova, Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje, The Respect for National Identities in the European Union - Article 4(2) TEU
  • Juan Jorge Piernas López, European University Institute Florence, Understanding the Notion of State Aid through Policy


Important information for researchers

Authors of selected paper proposals have been communicated by e-mail on February by e-mail. Once the invitation is accepted, the name and the title of the presentation will appear on the list of presentations above.

Deadline for submission of selected papers is 2 weeks before the conference.


Call for papers:

The research conference is aiming to address how EU accession affects formation of national identities and the European identity, and how such identities become integrated into European values, legal principles and legal rules. Organizers welcome papers discussing experiences of previous accessions as well as those discussing how European values affect candidate countries and other states still in transition that have European aspirations.

We also encourage papers discussing different understandings and visions of the internal market, and how such understandings affect legal interpretation on national and European level. We look to explore the issue to what extent have such understandings changed following the big bang enlargement, and whether evidence of change / continuity can be found in the Treaty of Lisbon and post-Lisbon developments in case law of the ECJ and institutional practice.

Keywords: european identity, national identity, internal market, enlargement, economic constitution, market freedoms, interpretation, legal pluralism, general principles of law, values




  • submission of paper proposals: January 15, 2012

  • submission of papers: desireable March 31, 2012, and at latest 2 weeks before the conference

  • submission of final papers for publication: desireable June 1, 2012 and at latest June 15

  • registration (without paper - limited number of places): please send a motivation letter)



  • Authors of accepted papers will receive  grants covering reasonable travel expenses and lodging with breakfast. There is no need to submit any additional grant applications.
  • A limited number of grants is availible for advanced students and young professionals (participants without paper).
  • Applicants from non-EU European states who want to take part at the conference (without paper) may be elegible for IUC grants (see below). Such applicants should submitt the grant application form and submitt it to the IUC directly. Application form for scholarship can be downloaded here.
  • Croatian applicants can apply for a grant of the Croatian Ministry of Science.


Please note that the e-mail address for communication is

Please send a Cc: to Mr. Filip Kuhta at












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